Monday, April 23, 2018

Mailable Monday #230

Those little two by two embellishments that Kathleen

made were so cute I had to use them right away! 

With the eight she made me I was able to make seven cards. 

All I did was add the base, some layers, and greetings to complete them. 

Talk about getting your cardstock worth. After using a corner of 

a piece of yellow cardstock for the yellow heart on this card.....

I punched the other three corners, and had a cute little heart layer

for this card. 

doubled up and made two of this design. 

love that little mushroom! 

Had fun making these yesterday morning...shhh don't tell anyone

but I was in my jammies! It was still a bit cold yesterday morning, and

it was great to grab a cup of coffee, and do some crafting. 

Stamping trails

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