Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weigh In Week 4

I can't believe that this is week 4 of my weight loss journey. The month has had its ups and downs. I think overall it has been good. Finding what works for me with the diet and exercise has finally clicked. Above card was made by Marianne. She has been a great support system for me. Way to go Marianne! We had a great month!

This is my Easter card from Kat. Love the blues and craft cardstock. I also love the layout. I'll be casing this one soon.

Rained a lot yesterday so I didn't get out. Did some more Spring cleaning. The stamping studio is almost done. Thank goodness for that! I would much rather be stamping in my room than cleaning it!

Weigh in Week 4- Lost 4.2 pounds

Stamping trails

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