Friday, May 30, 2014

Chevron Gift Bag

For today's project I took a flat chevron bag and 

and scored it 1 inch on each side and 1 1/2 inch across the

bottom of the bag. The sides were then pushed in to make a gusset. 

Bottom was folded like a box would be to make it flat. 

Stamp sets Itty Bitty Banners, Bloom with Hope, and Work of Art. 

Not much been going on here. The school will let out for the Summer at the end of the day. 

Seems like they are getting out early this year, but Skip said they would be going back in the middle

of August. 

I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning my kitchen. Since the kitten

moved in I have been neglecting my housework. Hmmm...I wonder

why? I think I'd rather be playing with the kitten! 

Stamping trails

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