Thursday, May 8, 2014

Windows are Finished

Well the house looks like a torando whipped through it, but

the windows are all in and do they ever look nice. 

Makes the house look years younger. 

This is a photo of the living room mess, as we had to move things away from the windows

so the installers could work. 

Living room windows being taken out.

Inside view of the window frames. Along the bottom of the old 

windows we use to have window stills that had to be taken out. 

Happy about that! 

See the split down the center between the two windows. That was covered by trim. 

They also added trim all around the windows. Makes them looked finished. 

Completed window will all the trim. Sorry the entertainment center

is in the way. We are moving the entire living room around. Great time for Spring cleaning! 

So the house is still a wreak. Lots of things to put back into place, but it was so wroth the effort! 

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