Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Take a Tip Tuesday # 13

Hmmm....I wonder if this tip will be unlucky as its my 13th take a tip

Tuesday post, and I'm posting it on the 13th. Well we will just hope for the best.

Today's tip is making your own pick up tool. 

I took a craft stick and added a drop of Tombo Liquid glue to the tip, 

and let it dry. 

Since the liquid glue is repositional it can be used to pick up those little

tiny pieces. Think the Owl Builder punch. Those little tiny eyes! 

Here you can see I picked up the little eye piece. To

get it off the craft stick I use tweezers to transfer it to the project. 

I have a bracelet hanging off my desk lamp that

Cherokee found yesterday. Look at that under body. 

She has some very pretty markings. 

We had some pretty bad storms yesterday evening. 

Dime size hail, heavy rain, thunder and lightening, tornado, and flash flood warnings. 

Me and Cherokee high tailed it to the basement and hung out till it was over. 

Skip and John were away at work. Suppose to rain all week. 

I told Skip to be careful what he wished for...He tilled and planted the garden on Sunday,

and he says it can rain all it wants now because the tilling and planting are done. 

Hmmm.....there is a thing called too much rain!
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