Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cherokee Waiting for her Breakfast

The morning ritual of Skip feeding Cherokee. 

She likes to go into the cupboard where her food is kept. 

Standing on hind legs trying to get him to hurry up and put down her bowl. 

 Big reach...I can't stand it put down my food bowl. 

Okay she couldn't wait any longer and jumped up on the counter.

Which by the way she knows she is not suppose to do. You can just

see her tail hanging down next to Skip. 

So according to the groundhog we are suppose to have an early Spring. 

After yesterday's temps in the upper 60's I'm inclined to agree with the furry little

rodent. It was really nice out even though it was windy and just a little wet. Would

have been a great day to fly a kite. 

Yesterday was my mom's birthday she would have been 84. Mom loved oatmeal cookies, and

Little Debbie's Oatmeal cakes. So in honor of mom I made a batch of oatmeal cookies. They were

so good with a cup of coffee which my mom also loved. Hard to believe she has been 

gone for almost 5 years. My sister called me the other day and we took a stroll down

memory lane. It was nice because+ me and my sis don't speak to each other very much. 

Okay I'm rambling on, must be because I can't sleep and I'm still up at 2 am. I think I'll be

sleeping in tomorrow!

Sleepy trails

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