Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Red Tulips, and Snow

Skip bought me some red tulips. So Spring, and I'm ready for it.
Woke up yesterday morning to 6 inches of snow. 
Good news is that its warming up this week, so its going to melt. 
So pretty! We even saw a robin in the yard a few days ago so we are getting closer
to the end of Winter. 
Hubby drinking his morning coffee. Do you think the mug is big enough? 

I tease him and tell him that the mug holds half of the coffee pot, so it only leaves

me with one cup. 

Our back deck. It is a wet heavy snow. 

Skip had to run the snow thrower, but the schools weren't closed. 

The snow looked so pretty stuck to the trees. 

View from my kitchen table. 

and Cherokee. I know she is happy to be nice and toasty warm in the house. No snow for her. 

Stamping trails

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