Friday, February 5, 2016

Organizing the Stamping Studio

I've been organizing some items in my stamp room. 

Been meaning to do this for sometime now, but just didn't get to it. 

The drawers have been labeled and contain stamping sponges, and daubers

for all the SU color families. I had to shorten the color names to get two

to fit per drawer. 

Here is what each drawer holds. I was going to include the matching reinker, but

found that it made the drawer to crowded. 

So here is a view of the left side of my desk. I have three sets of drawers. The ones 

not labeled hold different embellishments. 

Right side of my desk. See all those cardstock holders on top of the drawers?

My friend Kat made them for me. They are great for holding the 6x6 paper packs, embossing folders, 

and completed cards. 

The ink pad holder sits on the left side of my desk. I labeled the ends of the ink pads

so I can find the color I need easier. I still have some of the old style pads so I didn't 

have to label all of them. 

I have my blendabilites in this wooden holder. Since SU is not making them any longer I'm

using the extra slots to hold in line color markers, and other writing tools. 

You can also see the washi tape holders sitting on top of the drawers. 

Last thing I wanted to share today is the desk top. Remember back in the day when 

printers had large paper with holes along the edges? Well we still have a ton of that printer paper. 

I'm using it now as a stamping pad. Great to design on, and keep the desktop clean. 

I was going to make a Hollo's run to get a pad of scratch paper, but then saw this paper instead. 

Now I have to find another reason to go visit Hollo's. Oh wait I know I need more white cardstock!

And now for the sad news of the day...I found out that Michael's craft store has bought all 34 

Pat Catan's stores. Pat Catan's has released a statement stating that the stores will remain independent

from Michael's even though that store has bought them. I hope that is true as you all know

I love Pat Catan's. It has the best deals in town for craft supplies, and is based in Strongsville, Ohio.

A family owned business that began in 1954. Makes me sad to see that it was sold. 

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