Friday, February 26, 2016

February Paper Pumpkin Alternate Card

Well I figured out a way to use the negative space from the rose sticker in 

this months Paper Pumpkin kit. 

See the white going around the gold pieces? Well that is the remains of the white 

sheet that the rose is attached to. After lifting the swirly part off (I'll show you what I

did with that in tomorrow's post) I used

blue painters tape and stuck it across the remaining gold pieces. Had to use two strips

because the tape wasn't wide enough. Anyway....I was able to lift off all those

separate pieces and stick them to the cherry cobbler layer. 

My goofy cat Cherokee wants to take over John's laundry hamper. 

She loves to play in it. Guess I'll have to get her one, or come up with a new

toy for her. I saw somewhere on Pinterest that t-shirt was wrapped around a 

cardboard box then the neck hole was how the cat got in and out of it. 

May have to make one of those. 
Okay my friends just need to stop getting sick. Kat got back from her trip on Monday, 
and she is sick now.  Everybody get well and stay that way please! Sending warm fuzzies to all!

Stamping trails

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