Saturday, September 3, 2016

Brunswick Farm Visit

The last Sunday Kat was here we went and visited 

the Brunswick Heritage Farm. 

They have a garden, and local farmers, and crafters set up booths 

with things to sell. 

Above photo is Kat and Skip taking a tour of the garden. 

They raise bees, and have plenty of clover for them. 

We came home with some honey that was made in the fall and it was

so good! 

Me and Kat both got a kick out the name of this Nursery. 

Pumpkin patch.

This crafter turned tires into art. 

The artist was very proud of this one. I didn't really care for it. 

I did like the birdhouses that had a license plate for a roof, and

a spark plug for the perch. 

Inside the large barn they had historical info on the farm. 

And some decorations. Love the remake on the outhouse door. 

and speaking of outhouse......

Here is Skip using one....well not really it was a model. They even
posted a sign do not use. And it was build for two as it had two "seats" 
 Stamping trails

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