Friday, September 16, 2016

Shaker Swap

Last month I signed up to be in a shaker card swap 

with the Midwest Stampers. Just got the returned swaps yesterday. 

Like this one. Cut little froggys! 

Pretty in pink. Looks like there are lots of sprinkles on those cupcakes. 

One of my favorites. Butterfly Kisses greeting in the center panel. 

Very cute! 

Another pretty in pink one. This one was done with think foam so

there is a lot of bling inside and it shakes really well. 

And we have a birthday shaker. Like the bugle beads. Lets

celebrate and light another candle! 

This was a fun swap. I guess I must be in a swapping mood as

I signed up for a flip bag swap. What's a flip bag? I'll let 

you know soon as I make one! 

Stamping trails

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