Saturday, September 24, 2016

Micro Binders for ATC

Squeal! How cute are these micro binders? 

When I took the art jounaling class on Tuesday the instuctor

had some on display with her art journals. Her friends also

do ATC (artist trading cards) and had some of them in the micro binder. 
I took my monogram one that Julie sent to me and placed it in the front of one of the binders. 
These are only sold at Staples, and guess what.........they are only 1.00 each. 

I started putting some of my ATC swaps in the binder. Now of course holes

will have to be punched in the cards to place them in the binder.

Now I have some special cards that I won't display this way. Don't

want to punch holes in those. Oh the binders do come 

with notebook paper size to fit the binder. 

I only bought the two, but I'm thinking I may need to get more. 

Well Cherokee is getting up in the world. John

was carrying her around last night on his shoulders. 

Which by the way she was protesting. Who heard of a cat 

who was afraid of heights? 
Sending a shout out to my friend Lisa. Today is her birthday. 
Have a great day! 

Stamping trails

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