Thursday, September 15, 2016

Halloween Pocket Letter

Well I had a blast creating this pocket letter. 

These things are so addicting. Betcha can't make just one! 

I know I can't. 

For this one I made a mini witch's spell book. 

I was to lazy to print out spell book on the computer so

I did it by hand. The hat is mounted on a jumbo paper clip. 

All the pages are decorated. This is the middle of the mini book. 

I used the sewing machine down the center to keep the book together. 

Special thanks to Kat for sending me her stamp set (so quickly as I just

asked for it on Monday and I received it yesterday). I needed

potion bottles to put in the book. The table was made using

the hardwood background stamp by SU. I wanted to 

make the spell book look like it was old so I crumbled up the inside pages and

sponged the edges. 

The center pocket features a lift up flap and another decorated paper clip. 

Under the flap is a decorated shaker. 

I have been getting some use out of the fuse tool. I made the shaker for

the center pocket, and this mason jar filled with stamped spiders and glitter. 

I like the toad that wants more "boos" LOL 

The lower pocket has embellishments attached to a burlap background. 

This one is also up for trade. Although its going to be hard mailing this one as I

really like it. 
OMG I just saw that today is the 15th. The month is half over and I'll be 56 in two weeks. 
Where does the time go? 

Stamping trails

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