Friday, September 30, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday to me! 

I had to share some birthday cards on the blog today that

I received from my wonderful friends. 

Humming bird from Kat.

Party hats from Lisa.

Cool stitched card from Marianne. 

and this one is from my birthday twin Cindy. I met Cindy on a Pocket

Letter group that I joined on Facebook. 

Great cards girls! Thanks so much for thinking of me! 

The family is taking me out tomorrow to a Chinese buffet. Everyone

has to work today. I made a cake yesterday, and today I think

I'll make a big pot of chicken noodle soup. Its raining and a bit chilly. 

So the soup will be great today. 

I was up at midnight opening up birthday gifts from friends. 

Received some very cool stuff. 

Big thanks to all my friends!!!!! Now I have to get busy and

make thank you cards. I've been getting caught up lately with swaps. 

Going to have to pace myself, or I'm going to take on too much. 

They say its your birthday......
happy birthday to you

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