Wednesday, September 28, 2016

More about my Art Journaling Book

I went to another class on art journaling books last evening. 

This is a photo of the lower half of the cover of my book.

The heart frame has a picture of my mom holding my big brother Tony when

he was just a baby. 

A few years ago I went through my jewelry box and took

out things I no longer wore. At first I was going to just throw it all 

out, but then........

The crafter in me said stop are you crazy? You should put all the jewelry in

a container and use it for projects. I'm so glad I listened to my crafter voice

and kept it all. 

This is a beautiful old lidded tin that my mother gave me. 

It belonged to my grandmother. The only thing on the bottom of the tin

reads Made in England. 

I'm using it to keep all my ephemera in. 

Here is one more page from my art book. This is photo of my Aunt Tootsie. 

Her real name was Sarah Catherine. My Sarah is named after her, and (me, and my grandma as

we all had Jane as our middle name).

I was thrilled last night when the class instructor came over and looked at my book. She

asked me if it was okay for her to show the rest of the class. Everyone liked it. 

On the 18th of October we have a show and tell. We will get to show the books and

tell how we came up with the theme. Oh I also started two more books while I was

at class. I've got them folded at least. I'm thinking of doing an elephant book. 

So to my friends out there if you come across any photos of elephants keep them for me. 

These can be from anything. I did find a few in a magazine that I put aside to use. 

Okay this post is getting long! Happy hump day! 

Stamping trails

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Marianne Hutchinson said...

Is there any doubt she wanted to show the class?! Very very nice!