Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Birthday to Sarah!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter Sarah! 

She is 34 today. Where does the time go! 

Sarah was named after several people.

This is Sarah with her Great Aunt Sarah Elizabeth. To us

her nick name was Aunt Tootsie. 

She was also named after me and my grandmother Lucy Jane.

We both share the middle name of Jane. 

And one final person a character on Dr. Who.

Sarah Jane Smith. She was the companion of the 4th Doctor. 
I always admired her for her strong will, and how she
was able to reason with the Doctor. 

Just some photos I got together. Some of these are

going into her wedding book that I'm still working on! 

Love her wearing daddy's sailor hat. 

The lower photo is from when we lived on Guam. Look at that tan! 
Sarah you grew up to be a truly lovely lady. 
So proud of you! 
Happy birthday, and mom's making you cupcakes! 
And just think next year your birthday will be on Thanksgiving so
we can have cake and eat our pumpkin pie to! 
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