Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Memories of Tony

I just wanted to take today and celebrate 

my Brother Tony. 

He would have been 60 years old today. 

I can't believe that it has been almost 10 years since his passing.

Picture on the left is me and Tony. Taken in 1963. 

I was three and Tony was six.

Tony with our older sister Charolette. 

Like him cracking up about something in his photo again with our 


No date on this one, but it was when we lived on east

 78th and St. Clair. I'm guessing he was 12 or 13. 

During the 70's at Lincoln West high school when he was in his hat stage. 

In the basement at the house on Oak Park. 

We use to play the guitars there. 

Tony, Ray, Cheryl, and Sarah. 

He use to spoil Sarah rotten when she was little. 

Tony with Sarah on the bike. 

The yellow truck on the street was the one

we drove when we moved to Washington State.

Tony, Cheryl, Corbet, and our parents Earl, and Gladys. 
Here he is holding both the boys. John on the left, and
Corbet on the right. The boys are only a few months apart. 
Taking Corbet for a ride. 

Time to play. 

Love this photo of him and my sister in law Cheryl. 

One of his favorite past times.....reading. 

This was taken at our parents home in Marietta. 

Taken during Christmas. Skip is in the background. 

Saying I miss my brother is an understatement. 
Saying he was the best brother in world is an understatement. 
A lot of who I am today I owe to him. 

He crosses my mind every day. 

He left his loved ones to soon. 
Missing you Tony

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Shel Anderson said...

What wonderful pictures of your family.
I love to look at old pictures and the warm memories they bring.
Thanks for sharing with us... and treasure those memories.
Inky huggs from your Stampin' Up! sister....Shel