Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tree, Santa, and more

Tree went up on Saturday. One day later 

than I normally put it up. 

But its up and looks good.

Here is a nigh time view when lit. 

This is another Christmas tradition. Someone

my mom knew made this ceramic Santa for her back

in the early 70's. Mom always put it out on Thanksgiving.

When it got passed to me I continued to do that. 

Merry Christmas to Skip early.

He decided to buy a new large screen TV at Costco over

the long weekend. Him and John got it in the house

and set up. Which started a chain reaction of moving TVs
in the house. The one that use to be in the living room got moved
to Skip's "man" cave and mounted on the wall. 
The one that was in the cave got moved to our bedroom and got mounted
to the wall. What a weekend! 
Stamping trails

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