Monday, November 14, 2016

Mailable Monday #174

Today's card was designed for Sarah. 

She calls me last week and goes mom would you be

up to making some cards. And I go really you are

asking me that. Then Sarah goes oh what was I thinking

that's like someone asking when the 3 o'clock parade starts. 


Anyway she has some job interviews lined up this week, 

and they are in Westlake. There colors are green, white, and black. 

Of course the school mascot is a devil. I told her no way was 

I making a devil on a card. She laughed and agreed with me. 

We went with Lovely as Tree stamp set. I used Garden Green, white, 

and Memento black ink. 

I got up at 5 this morning so I could view the super moon as they

said that was the best time to view it. Never seen the moon so bright! 

Photo doesn't do it justice. Lower lights are from

lamp posts. This was taken from the front step and to 

the west of the house. 

Super moon won't come again till 2034. 

Have  great day everyone! 

Stamping trails

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