Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ornament, and More Swaps

Hubby got me this cute little sewing machine ornament

last week when we were at JoAnn's. 

It has a pink top and I think it will work

well on my Barbie tree. Which

I didn't put up again this year. 

We opted to put up the large tree. 

Reason....I still don't trust Cherokee with 

the Barbie tree. If she were to knock it down my

Hallmark Barbie ornaments would break and that

would make me very sad. So hopefully next year

I'll be able to put it up. 

I received this cute Christmas pocket letter
from my birthday  twin Cindy a few days ago. 

So festive! Thanks Cindy! 

I also received a Christmas theme grab bag from 

Caryn. She filled the stocking with the crafting goodies. 

Lots of little misc fun things to craft with. 
So today I'm going to finish putting up the 
decorations. Then I have some
more crafting to do, and sometime today
I'd like to go Pat Catan's and Michaels. 
At least I won't have to cook. I have a ton of 
turkey noodle soup, and other leftovers. 
I'll have time to do some things I need and want to do! 
Stamping trails

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