Saturday, November 19, 2016

Merry and Nice Tag and Rosette

Playing around some more with the Merry and Nice set by 

Julie Nutting. 

The wreath is a SU stamp set with matching framlit. 

Just love these dolls! I'm such a kid! 

Also made a rosette that is attached to a paper

drinking straw. 

Close up view. 

"Joy" is cut from gold foil. 

I have another idea floating around my head for

this stamp set. I'll be working on that today. 


Yesterday it was 74 degrees! WOW that was

a nice surprise. Several of the neighbors took

advantage of that and put out there Christmas lights. 

Skip went out and ran the lawn mower to collect the leaves off the 

grass. Get this he only had a pair of jean cut offs on. No shirt. 

Guess he was trying to soak up all that sunshine, because

the weather is suppose to go to heck today. Dropped

down in to the 30's last night with rain and snow on the way!

I'll be hitting the grocery store early this morning to get 

things I need for Thanksgiving dinner. 
Happy travels to my gal pal Kat who is flying home
today from San Diego. She is heading back to TX. 
Best of luck to her daughter Amber who recently moved to San Diego. 
Hope you find a job soon honey!!!!!! You will do great I just know it. 
Stamping trails

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