Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Snowman Theme Pocket Bag

This will be the last pocket bag I make this season. 

Have to say I've been having a blast making them. 

Shades of blue highlight this snowman theme bag. 

Snowman was made using different sized circle punches. 
The torn white cardstock strips for the snow was brushed with glitter white snow paint.

Little shaker filled with mini snowballs and black circle

punches for the eyes and buttons, and a long triangle pumpkin nose. 

Have to tell you when I opened the bag of snowballs they went all over my

desk. Even though I thought I was being careful when I opened them. What a mess. 

Had to break out the vacuum to get them off the floor. 

Mini pocket letter. Love the little snowman button in the center. 

Rosette on silver paper straw.

Different sized snowflakes on a navy blue striped paper straw. 
Hope my partner loves this as much as I do! 
Don't forget to get out and vote today. 
I'll be working the Polls all day. Wish me luck as this
is the first time I've worked them. 
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Kathleen Elmer said...

Karen, You are so good at doing these flip bags. I love all the things you made to go inside, especially the "snowman falling from heaven" That is so cute. Hope your day is going well.