Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Three Day Going to the Craft Store

Well I went to Michael's on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Want to know why?

All because I wanted to purchase this paper pack. 

On Friday I went there, and I forgot to take a coupon with me....

well not so much forgot, but didn't have one in the Sunday paper. 

Since I'm still living in the stone age and have a flip phone I couldn't pull

up a coupon while I was there. The paper pack was 19.99 so no way was

I going to buy it. Figured I'd wait for a coupon in the mail.

Speaking of mail my Brother-in-Law Ricky of all people sent me 

a set of coupons from Michael's and I got them on Saturday. 

One of them was for 50% off, but it expired on that day. So

I head out to the store again as I'm willing to pay 10 bucks for the paper pack. 

I get there and do some looking around and found out that the scrapbooking packs are on sale for

40% off. Well I guess I can't use the coupon and could have bought the paper on Friday. 

WRONG! I asked one of the workers and she told me the paper I wanted was not included with the other 

packs because it was a hot buy. However.....she checked and told me that the paper I wanted

would be on sale for 5.99 on Sunday. So that my dear readers is how I ended up at Michael's three

days in a row. Now you might be wondering did I use that 50 percent off coupon? Well yes I did.

I bought We R Memory Makers Tab Punch Board. This is 

 for making tabs for memorydex cards, and planners. I've been waffling on

this purchase seeing how it is 24.99, but for half off I had to have it! 

I also bought this farm pack also from the hot buys. Good deal at 5.99. I've

already used this paper I'll show you what I made tomorrow. 

and I also purchased this lovely bag by Jane Davenport. I needed something

to hold my 24 pack of color pencils. 

Inside look. Love the little tassel! This will be 

my away bag. When me and hubby are traveling I'll be able to take this

along with a coloring book. Gotta plan ahead! 
Stamping trails

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