Saturday, June 3, 2017

Flip Bag 4th of July

Here is a flipbag that I made my friend Kathleen. 

She got her swap yesterday so I wanted to post. 

Here is a full view. I messed up on this a bit. See the ric-rac? Well

I wrapped this around the front to the back. 

Here is the back view. Because I wrapped the ric-rac all the way

around I limited the bag from opening the full amount. So

I filled the bag as much as I could then had to put the rest of

the goodies into an overflow bag! 

Next time I'll know better! 

I helped hubby weed the garden yesterday. That was a mistake

My back is pretty sore today. Think I'll take it easy and just do

some light crafting today! 

Stamping trails

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