Monday, June 19, 2017

Mailable Monday #198

My friend Ceil sent me a bunch of die cuts for my birthday. 

I was in a crunch for time to get a card made for today, so

I went to my box where I have nothing but die cuts. 

Makes it so fast and stress free to make a card in just 

a few minutes. 

After gluing down the flower die all I had to do was 

stamp a greeting. This is classic black and white. Thought

it would make a nice sympathy card. 

How do you spell weeds? I spell them a royal pain in the neck! 

The garden was getting over run. Hubby spent a good part of 

his Father's day cleaning them out. I took him to McDonald's for

lunch cause he loves McDonald's. (me not so much!)

We got a Sunday paper and relaxed in the air conditioning. Sarah

called while we were there. Her and Jason were having his parents over for 

dinner. This coming Saturday Sarah is taking her dad to a tank show. I didn't

even know they had tank shows, but they do. 

Emily made a nice card for John to give to his dad. I'll take a photo of that and post sometime

this week. I took a drive out to Khol's and did a little shopping. I had some Khol's cash, 

and a 30% off coupon both of which were going to expired on the 18th so I had to use them. 

Stamping trails

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