Tuesday, June 6, 2017

ATC, and Rolodex Card

I received this very pretty blue and yellow themed

ATC from Rosalie. 

Can tell by the photo but the blue part is fabric. 

I thought that was a neat idea. 

Tried my hand at another Rolodex card. I started 

working on a display to hold the cards. Not finished with it

yet as my neck was still stiff so I had to shelve that project for now. 

I'll get back to it sometime this week. 

Not much else going on. Pretty much been just taking it easy. 

Watching some tv. Went for a walk with hubby. We checked on the

pool that our housing association takes care of. Its not open yet as

there is some work being done on it. Good thing its not open as

it was cool yesterday, and not going past 60 today. 

I might actually bake something today. 

Stamping trails

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