Friday, June 23, 2017

Sewing Theme Swap

I received the coolest package yesterday from 

 my crafty friend Kathleen. We did a sewing theme swap. 

of course we always do a bit more than the swap requirements. 

Isn't this a pretty little thing? She decorated a mirror that

she got at the dollar store. 

Here is the flip side. 

She changed the plastic mason jar that I sent to her

for the 4th of July swap. We are going to see how many

miles we can put on it sending it back and forth! 

Here is how she wrapped the pocket letter. So creative with her packaging. 

Opened pocket letter. I'm so happy that

she used some of the things I have sent to her in previous swaps. 

Just love the letter! 

Here is a view of the back with the goodies. 

Sewing themed flip bag. Kathy told me the seam

binding in the front pocket belonged to her mom. How special! 

back view. She added a pocket to the back for more goodies. 

View of the bag's contents. Lots of great stuff to create with! 

Mini repair kit. Love the packaging. She put a belly band around it. 


Now here was an unexpected surprise! She

used a embroidery hoop as a base. Don't know if you can tell from 

the photo, but the dresser in the center is an actual 3d piece. 

there is a cat in the window. The details are just amazing! 

Cute little card. How sweet! 
New memorydex cards! These are so fun to make. Good job! 

the tin has a candle on the inside that smells so good! I

put it in my craft room, and left the lid off so I can enjoy it. 

and a fun little sewing tote bag. 

Okay I think I posted everything. I'm so lucky to have

found Kathleen on the Swappers Corner group. 

We have just been enjoying chatting online and swapping. 

Just like two peas in a pod! 

Big hugs Kathleen!!!!! Thanks bunches! Hope you enjoy the swap I sent. 

I'll post photos of the flipbag, and pocket letter I sent to her after

she has seen them. 

Stamping trails

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