Thursday, June 8, 2017

Visited a new Store

Well I discovered a new store yesterday.

Well new to me, but I'm sure many people know about it. 

I took hubby and went to Five Below. 

There is one next to Costco in Strongsville. 

I picked up a 24 pack of Prang color pencils. 

Yes I know I have the complete set of Prisma pencils, but

I thought the small set would be perfect to take with me

on vacation. I can stamp some dolls ( oh who am I kidding I have

them stamped already), and color along the road trip. 

I also got a package of emoji washi tape. I'm

thinking I might make an emoji pocket letter. 

And I got a package of silver rhinestones cause a 

girl can never have enough bling. Am I right? 

Stamping trails

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