Saturday, June 17, 2017

Infinity Scaf

I made my first infinity scarf. 

It is long, but perfect when it is doubled up. 

Here is another view of it draped on my kitchen table. 

I made two. The 1st photo is the longer one. The 

fabric was suppose to be cut 12 x 60, but at first I 

thought that wouldn't be long enough to be doubled. 

Of course I was wrong. 

I am so proud of my son John. He received his diploma yesterday. 

He earned an associate of applied science for surgical technology. 

I couldn't get him to attend his commencement, but he let me open his
diploma that he received in the mail. He has been working at the Cleveland 
Clinic for the past few weeks. 
Me and hubby went for a hike at Plum Creek yesterday afternoon. 
It was a great day for it as it was in the 90's, but much cooler walking through
the trees. Of course I didn't take my camera, and should have we saw fish, frogs, 
and snails. Oh well next time I'll remember. 
Going to be another hot one. What is with this weather? Not even 
Summer yet. Speaking of the Summer solstice it is right around the corner. 

Still looking for some stones to hurl myself through (Outlander fans will get this)

Stamping trails

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