Friday, October 20, 2017

Strange Tails from the Garden

Had to share some of the strange things we found at 

the wrap up of the garden. 

We have been getting some more tomatoes, but

there are only a few of them left so hubby will be taking

down the rest of the garden.

The green pepper in this photo is in fact a green

pepper, and not a hot pepper. For some reason instead

of it growing its normal shape it grew like this. Okay the

next photo is of the eggplant. Oh my goodness is it weird! 

Are you ready? 

Ta da! I give you the eggplant that

looks like it has Bob Hope's nose. 

Could be something else, but I'm running a clean blog here people! 

I told you it was strange! 

I'm happy the garden is finished up for the season. It 

was great while it lasted, and I have a ton of green beans, 

and tomatoes put up to last the winter. 

Stamping trails

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