Friday, January 10, 2014

Still Not Working

Well the add image part of blogger is still not working for me. I remember this happened last year. Hoping it will be fixed soon.

I did go out yesterday to run some errands but I didn't get far. The check engine light on my car came on.
While driving the engine tried to die on me twice, so I had to get it home.

Skip will have to check on it this weekend.

We got more snow last night. Skip was actually worried that he may get another snow day. He doesn't want one as if they get to many the days will have to be made up on the holidays, and into the summer.

Kat I got the box today. Thanks for the tea! The gingerbread M&M's are not bad. Skip didn't like them, so I can't pass them on to him. I'll just keep them in one of my glass dome covered stands at my crafting table.

In this cold a girl needs her chocolate to keep her crafting energy up:)

Stamping, and cold trails

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