Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fleece Blanket

My friend Kat brought me this 1 1/2 yard of fleece when she 

visited in September. 

While watching Home and Family on the Hallmark channel I 

saw where they made no sew baby blankets using fleece. 

So I went out to Joann's over the weekend and bought a 1 1/2 yard of

fleece for the backing which by the way was on sale for half off. 

After the 5 dollar coupon I had the piece ended up costing me 2.50. 

What a deal. 

Another view so you can see the backing. 

I actually cut and tie this while I was handing out Halloween candy on Saturday. 

Took me about an hour. I'm thinking about

going back to Joann's and getting more fleece to make one for Sarah for

her birthday. Its so warm and cuddly! 

Thanks for the fleece Kat! 

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