Thursday, November 5, 2015

News from Post Op

No new cards for you today. 

I do have some misc photos that I wanted to post. 

We got stopped by a train a few weeks ago while we were out and about.

I saw the train was pulling truck trailers for UPS. Had to 

snap a pic. Wonder if there were any Stampin'Up orders on those cars? 

On that same drive I was taking pics of the fall colors. 

As much as I don't like winter I do love seeing the leaves turn colors. 

It has been so warm this week. Love it! 

I've been sitting outside reading and just soaking up the rays. 

Went to my post op appointment yesterday morning. 

Dr. said I was right on track and doing well. I told him I was stilling having

pain and he said that was normal as it has only been 6 weeks since the replacement. 

He also told me to think of this as a marathon and not a sprint. 

He said sometimes people who have had both knees replaced (at different times)

expect to much to soon from the second knee that has been replaced.
So....I need to keep the faith and continue to do the home therapy, and to ice
after. I did ask him about applying heat. Not such a great idea as heat increases the blood
flow and will also increase swelling. He did say it was okay to apply a little heat before 
working out then to make sure to ice after. 
Today I'm working on some sewing projects I have in the works. 
I got some more fleece to make Sarah a blanket for her birthday. 
Oh I have to share....a sweet older lady cut the fleece for me at
JoAnnes, and she heard me and Skip talking. I said I wanted to make the 
blanket to help keep Sarah warm this winter and that Sarah didn't 
want us to buy her anything for her birthday because we did so much for the wedding. 
The sweet lady said matter of fact: if she just got married her new 
husband will keep her warm. Well we all got a good laugh out of that. 
Stamping trails

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