Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turkey Punch Card, Christmas Tree

Happy Turkey day! My friend Kat cased this card

and made it for me. Super cute!

I was busy yesterday. I prepped the stuffing balls, sweet potato casserole, 

gingerbread cookies, and cut all the veggies for the tray. 

Only thing I need do today is pop some stuff in the oven and 

finish it off. We will be heading over to Sarah and Jason's sometime

this afternoon. 

Photo of our tree. Check out the extra large stocking

on the wall.....I told hubby I wanted him to fill that one for me!

Speaking of stockings...I have seemed to misplaced the box that contained

the family's Christmas stockings. I need to go on the hunt this weekend

and see if I can find them. 

Since I posted an ornament that Sarah made earlier this week I

wanted to show one John had made in Kindergarten. The teacher

wrote his name in it, but he shaped it and did the painting. 

I put it up higher on the branches along with his hot wheel ornaments. 

Hoping that Cherokee will refrain from climbing the tree. 

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving day! 

I'm thankful that both my knees having been replaced this year and they

seem to be doing well. Also thankful for Sarah getting married to a wonderful

man. And I'm thankful for all my family and friends who were able to share

that special day with us. And I'm truly thankful for God giving us such

a wonderful day. Sun is shining and its going to be in the upper 50's. Beautiful!

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