Sunday, November 22, 2015

November Paper Pumpkin

Me and hubby had a very busy day yesterday.

Had to do some rearranging of the living room so

we could put the tree up. 

We had to stop before we were finished to run out and 

get a new star for the treetop. 

I feel like its Christmas now, and not just because the tree is up. 

Its more because I was able to go out and do some shopping in November,

while it was cold and rainy. Wouldn't have done that last year at this time. 

I also know its that time of the year as the city of Brunswick has the light

poles rigged with the large snowflakes they put up every year. 

I did squeeze in just a bit of time to make a card using the November 

Paper Pumpkin from SU. I will have to call them 

on Monday to request a new Joy stamp. See the little blank

spot just above the Y? There is a defect in the stamp and it won't ink. 

Here is a photo of the inside card along with the matching envelopes

that come in the kit. I was so happy to see that the PP was a holiday kit. 

Its 1:45 am as I'm writing this post. Couldn't sleep. I think I'm excited about

the snow that is on the way. My friend Marianne wasn't happy yesterday as they 

had 4 inches. I don't mind the snow as long as I don't have to go out in it. 

Stamping trails

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