Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pumpkin Using Power Tools

Halloween is over and something magical happened at midnight.

Halloween ended and Christmas began! 

But before I move on to Christmas projects I wanted to share some 

photos. This is the front yard. Skip put out the decorations. 

I think the brooms are not doing there job as there is a pile of leaves! 

The sign on the fence reads "broom parking 5 cents. 

Carving the pumpkin was fun. I got to clean out the pumpkin "guts"

and Skip got to use the power tools! 

He did a good job. 

Hope everyone remember to set the clocks back an hour. 

I changed all of ours before going to bed. 

Went to JoAnns yesterday and got some fabric. Working on some

projects. One of which I finished yesterday as it was super quick and easy. 

I'll post photos of that this week. 

Have a great November!!!

Stamping trails

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