Friday, October 21, 2016

Completed Family Art Journal

The art journal I started in September at a class the Brunswick

library offered is completed. Had fun making this and plan to make more. 

Skip even asked me to do one with his family. 

Inside cover. 

Pull out from pocket. 

I got to use my new Tim Hotlz photo wheel. 

Close up view. 

I made two one for the front an back of the pocket. 

I made a black bow to go with the bows that the women are

wearing on there clothing.

The oldest photo I found was of my grandmother, and her sister taken

in 1918.

Inside back cover. 

The next photos will be of the other side of the book. 

One of the neat things about my family.....

Three sisters married three brothers. Not at the same time

of course, but all within a few years of each other. Mom always told

me about her "double 1st cousins" 

Me and my brother got our musical talent from our Uncles. 

I added some of the school photos of my mom's cousins. 

I think the book came out really nice. Going to give it to my daughter either

for Christmas or her birthday in November. Nice keepsake. 

Stamping trails

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