Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Flip Bags

I got some happy mail! 

My mailbox was like Christmas yesterday. 

This is the Halloween pocket bag that my partner

Natasha sent me. 

This was jammed packed with fun goodies! 

Look at the little bag on the lower right with the wod

eek on it. That is the size bag she used. Still can't believe

she got it all to fit in there! Love that little spider with

the eyelashes. 

I also received the Thanksgiving pocket bag from Kathleen. 

Lots of goodies in this bag too. 

The file folder she made was well done and full of Anna Griffin die cuts. 

Leave die cuts were in an flower topped envelope. 

And the leaves clips she made are so nice! 

Isn't the ribbon pretty! Love how she made a bobbin to hold it. 

Here is the front of the file folder. 

Both of the swaps are from Swappers Corner. Its a facebook group. 

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I've been 

keeping my kitty company. 

We had to take Cherokee to the vet on Thursday. She had to have surgery. 

She's and indoor outdoor cat, and while she was out last week she got bit

by either other cat, or something she was chasing. Anyway....the bite got infected,

and the vet had to remove the damaged tissue and sew her up. 

You can see the line of stitches. Vet also trimmed her claws, as he couldn't put

a cone on her neck as the wound was there. Thankfully she's been a good girl and hasn't

be scratching to much. 

She's on the mend, but she is not happy with her mother as I've

been giving her eyedroppers of medicine in the morning and evening and she

doesn't like it! 
I'll be going to the library today. We are sharing our art journals that we
have been making at class. I finished mine, and will be sharing it on the blog this week.
Stamping trails

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