Thursday, April 6, 2017

Black Rhino Expecting and Charms

Great news for Kibbibi one of the black rhinos at the

Cleveland Zoo. She is expecting, and due in the spring of


You can visit the Cleveland Zoo's website. They have more

photos of her and an ultra sound. So yes she is expecting! 

So I went to Pat Catan's yesterday afternoon, and found

a entire bin of these fun charms and the price on the bins showed .25 cent each. 

I thought cool! What a deal. I could use these for scissor charms, or other

craft items. When I went to check out it all wen to hell. 

 I told the clerk these were a great buy for 25 cents. Then

she goes, well some of them ring up at 1.00 and they are not

all 25 cents. The first ones the car and polar bear came up

as 1.00 and she asked if I still wanted them. I told 

her yes I wanted them but not for 1.00 each. 

I asked for the manager. So she came up

and I told her it would be different if someone just

one item to an incorrect bin, but these charms were all 

in the same location.

So she did override the price and I got them for the 

25 cent that they were marked at. (and yes Marianne the

parrot one is coming to you)

 I got bought these die cuts made by Darice. 

I also had a problem with the price of these, but

that's another story that I'm still mad about. Ever

since Michael's bought Pat Catan's the store has been 

changing and not for the better. 

Stamping trails

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Dara Hoffman said...

wow I'm surprised about Pat Catan's. I never have any problems there. and they have a way better selection than Michaels. I'm really disappointed with the Michaels they opened in Strongsville. tiny store.