Thursday, April 20, 2017

ThrowBack Thursday Card Tins

Well here is a blast from the past for Throwback Thursday.
Its a shabby chic card tin. 
This card tin was made by me well over 10 years ago. 

I made it while visiting my friends Connie, and Lisa. 
Remember when fibers were all the rage in crafting? I sure do.
I'll have to take a photo of my fiber drawer. Yes I kept them, as
I'm sure they will make a come back! 
LOL looking at the handle it looks like a giant wooly caterpillar. 

I do still use the tin to hold cards even though I never got around

to labeling the tabs. Maybe I'll go back tomorrow and break

out the dymo label maker and fix that. 

Now this black and white one was made for me by

Connie and Lisa. Just adore it! Its well over 10 year old also. 

There are some pink trims with the black and white ones on the handle. 
The girls did a better job than I did because they did put 
labels on the dividers. 

and....while cleaning off the bottom shelve I found these. 

The tins are in 3 different sizes. So I do have a large one so

I can make another one. May have to do that one day. 
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