Sunday, April 2, 2017

Prima Doll Easter Tag

Happy Sunday. 

Sorry I've been missing from the blog this week. 

I think I have so much info and photos to 

post it is overwhelming. So

I've decided to start small and just post a photo

of a Easter tag that I made for a swap. 

Its a simple tag. I didn't over embellish it but 

I think it turned out fine. 

At the beginning of last week I was busy enjoying Kathy's company. 

She left on Wednesday morning, then I think I was just sad that she left

and I didn't get much done the rest of the week. 

Thanks for the visit Kat. Enjoyed having you here. 

My daughter Sarah was in a car accident Friday on her 

way home from work. She's fine, but very sore. While sitting at a stop

in traffic she was hit from behind with enough force to cause her car

to hit the car in front of her. The car is a total loss. I told her the car

can replaced, but she can't be. I'm thankful she did go to the ER and

got checked out. They gave her muscle relaxers. Her and Jason are
going today to pick up the rental car. 
I'll be back tomorrow with another edition of Mailable Monday. 
Suppose to be a nice day, and thankfully a break from the rain. 
Stamping trails

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