Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Theme Flip Bag from Kathleen

As I was going back through my photos on the laptop

I remembered that I had not posted the wonderful Easter

flip bag that I received from my crafting buddy Kathleen. 

Isn't it just too cute! She packed the bag and the box with

lots of goodies....take a look.....

bunny tags! Love them! 

bunny butts! OMG!!!!!

Decorated clothes pins. I didn't know that Kathleen crocheted!

We have lots in common! 

tulip shaker. Love the glitter! 

More goodies.

Still more. Love all the die cuts! That bike is adorable. 

Julie Nutting Easter tag. WOW~! 

bunny tissues and cute blue stocks. Kathleen is 

always so great at coordinating everything. 

I just have to roll over laughing at the greeting on this card! 

Isn't that the truth! 

And I wanted to show the bag with out the goodies. 

Nice touch with the lace! 

Thanks so much Kathleen!!!!!!
Happy Birthday shout out to my nephew Corbet. 
He's 29 years old today. 

Stamping trails

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