Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Little Red Quilt Store

Okay I need to double back and start posting the photos

of things me and Kat did while she was here last week. 

This is the store front of the Little Red Quilt House. 

I was looking for new stores to check out and I came 

across this one. It was opened in 2009, and its not

to far from me. I had no idea it was even there. Cute

little fabric store, but they really need to get a new sign! 

Lots of fabric.

Some more. 

Lots of patterns. 

I'm thinking I need to go back and pick up the pattern to make

this wallet. The rolls on top are actually fabric cork. Never knew there

was such a thing. Pretty cool. 
The store had lots of vintage sewing machines on display. 
Me and Kat both loved this quilt. 

They also have quilt classes in the back room of the store. 

I may need to check into that. 

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