Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Medina County Fair

So me and hubby went to the Medina County Fair on Monday. 

Saw lots of animals. Went to down load the photos, and saw that 

I had taken 88 photos while I was there. 

Not to worry not going to post them all here. 

Lots of cows in the dairy building.

I thought the one sleeping with its head tucked in had a sweet face. 

I bonded with a very pretty Palomino. She just wanted to be 

petted. So I stayed with her for a bit. 

Skip and the stage coach. 

This big guy wouldn't shut up. I keep telling him that it was 5 in the afternoon, and 

not 5 in the morning, and he shouldn't be crowing, but he wouldn't listen to me. 

He ended up getting all the other roosters making noise too. 

Thought she was an interesting looking chicken. 

Okay this was funny. In one of the 4 H buildings they had horses, but

in this one they had this one. Wonder if its a new breed of horse? LOL

Had to visit the arts, and craft building. Cool vintage sewing machine. 

Just working in the kitchen. 

Vintage typewriter. Looks like the one John Boy used on the Waltons.

Dress made out of duck tape. 

Crocheted Rolling Stone blanket. 

Sweet little bunny. Love the markings on his face. 

Look its a pink tractor! 

I really liked the model Ford tractor. 

Very vintage. 

Okay that is all I'm posting. We had fun. Didn't go on any of the rides.

There wasn't very many people on the rides. Guess since that accident a week ago people

are a little afraid of one of the rides breaking while they are on it. 

I'll be back tomorrow with some stamping as I did work on a few things yesterday morning. 

Stamping trails

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