Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Garden Tails

So our garden is giving us some nice veggies. 

This is only one basket of cucumbers. There have 

been more. Hubby took some to the neighbors, and his


One of the many baskets of green, and purple beans. Skip has

to harvest more today, so I'll be busy prepping them for the freezer. 

Something new to the garden....grapes! 

We planted them two years ago. This will be the first crop 

we can collect. Tried one the other day, and they are sour! 

Should sweeten up in a few weeks when they are ready to harvest. 

There are only 2 apples on the tree, but again it is 

only 2 years old, so it isn't going to produce much yet. 

And of course the tomatoes are starting to come in a few

at a time. I have about 10 sitting on the counter by the window so 
they can ripen a bit more. 

I went to Pat Catan's and Michael's yesterday. 

Was in the mood to just walk around and see what was new.

Of course the Fall, Halloween is all out, and
they are working on getting the Christmas stuff out. 
They have moved stuff around so much at Catan's that I have
to walk all the way through the store just so I know where
everything is. If you haven't been there it is a very large store. 
I'll be back tomorrow with photos of some of the stuff I bought. 
Stamping trails

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