Sunday, November 16, 2008


My first attempt at Snake Skin technique. Still working on a word to go with this card. I was thinking
"Smile" under the gator, then on the inside put "It will get better"
Or on the front put "Rough Day?" Then on the inside put "Smooth it out", and have a hand lotion sample attached to the inside card. Still kicking it around.
I did get to use my distressed inks for the background. I'm happy when I can get some use out the many supplies I have floating around my room.
Snowed here yesterday. Not much, but it's still coming down. We went out to eat with my brother's family last night at 7. I didn't want to eat so late so........I ate a light dinner at home at 5 then ordered steamed veggies. The veggies came with white rice, but I didn't eat the rice just the veggies. It was a good decision. I got on the scale this morning and have lost some since my weigh in on Thursday. So I've lost a bit over 50 pounds to date. YAY.
Going to get dressed and go visit with mom for a bit.
Stamping Trails.
Karen 224

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