Friday, November 7, 2008

Winter Birds

I just love Winter Birds from Inkadinkado. One word of caution to those who bought the set or are thinking about it. Make sure you open up the stamps and check them. The first set I bought from Joann's. I went to use them the other night only to find out the the inside plastic packaging was all crinkled up which left the marks on the stamps. When I tried to stamp with one there would be bare spots where the lines where and no ink would be on the stamp. I took the set back and exchanged it. I checked and several of the sets where like that. You can see the crinkles right though the packaging. So be careful!!!! The cardstock that I stamped the owl on is new from Hollo's paper store. It's a pearl color sort of like Shimmery White only pearl color. (yes girls you are getting some in your Christmas package). Click on the image to make it larger. You should be able to see the shimmer on cardstock. Designer paper used BasicGrey Blittzen.
Okay I have to share a funny story........I was getting out of bed and my PJ bottoms are so large now they just fell down around my ankles as I stood out of bed. I just started laughing. Woke dear hubby up. I have to tell you that put a smile on my face all day. I just didn't' want to buy sleep clothes seeing how I'm still losing and the clothes I really did need to purchase are work clothes. Being in the office we are required to dress nice. Can't have my pants fall down at work. LOL.
Stamping trails.
Karen 224

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