Saturday, November 15, 2008

This Old Guitar

My brother and I both played guitars. Dad sent us for lessons. I was in 6th grade and Tony was in 8th. We went on Saturdays. Our first teacher was Mr. Tomka. While in college we learned how to play Classical guitar. Now me in my wisdom (not) decided to get rid of my classical years ago. Back when Sarah was still a toddler. Anyway I always regretted letting the guitar go. I had another guitar that my husband Skip bought me. With moving around a lot in the Navy I just didn't think I should be toting around more than one guitar, but the one hubby gave me was not a classical. Time moved on and we moved around from place to place. Always far away from my home in Ohio. When Skip's duty was up in Guam we got to move back to Ohio. It was in November. Tony and his family met us at the airport with coats. After living 3 years in Guam we didn't own coats. I still remember greeting Tony and the family. It was like the years and the miles didn't matter anymore. I was home! We stayed with my brother for a bit and it was then that I picked up his classical and started playing it again. Tony had long since stopped playing it as he preferred his electric guitars. He let me borrow the guitar so I could play. That Christmas when his family came over for the holidays he had made me a certificate of ownership. He gave me the guitar. Now Tony was the only one who could string the guitar. Since he died I stopped playing again. The strings were getting worn and needed to be changed. My son John knowing what the guitar meant to me took it to his guitar teacher and got it restrung. So I'm playing once again Tony. Today would have been Tony's 52 nd birthday. I miss you very much Tony, and think of you everyday. I know if there is a Rock and Roll Heaven you are there still playing. Love your sister. Karen


Bethany said...

You are looking great with this guitar.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your brother... and glad you have some neat memories of him.


fitncrafty said...

What a great tribute to your brother. It is so important to heal, grow and do what you love!
Oh, I can SO relate to you with this whole Navy thing!