Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pleated Halloween Card

Well I finally got my spiderweb doilies that were on back order. 

I wanted to make at least one Halloween card with them before Halloween

was over. 

This is a pleated skirt fold. I cut the designer paper on a angle then scored several

times to get a pleated look. 

I then took the part that was cut from the designer paper to decorate

inside the card. Stamps are from Ink-a-dink-do. 

I wanted to also share a few photos from the Halloween party we went to last week. 

This is a kitty litter cake that I refused to even try. Although the braves 

souls who did eat it thought it was great. Looked to real for me. The baker

used a cat box and a pooper scooper to serve it. She also used tooties rolls that

were heated in the micro-wave then molded and shaped to look like cat poo. YUCK! 

Foggy punch that was made with orange sherbet ginger ale and

orange juice. Chad used dry ice to make it foggy. Was very good. 

loved the dip coming out of the pumpkin mouth. 

Creepy decor. 

 Me and Becca dressed in the same time period clothing. Of 

course she was sticking her tongue out. Silly girl. 


And the pirate ordering pizza over the phone! LOL

Happy Halloween!!!!

I'll be dressing up later to hand out the goodies to the kiddies. 

Haunting trails

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