Sunday, May 7, 2017

Happy Wedding Day Cheryl and Chris

Congratulations to my sister in law Cheryl, and Chris on

their wedding. 

Even though it was rainy and cold yesterday it

was a beautiful wedding, and reception. 

And I was told that its good luck for the bride to get rained on.

So Cheryl you are good! 


The family. 

John, and Emily

Card  box that I got to decorate for Cheryl. 

table decor

The happy couple. 

They had a small cake to cut. 

Lots of cupcakes to share! 

Liked the table decor, and the flowers were really pretty. 

Sarah and Jason

Corbet and Caitlin being silly.

My nephew Neil wearing his chef gear. Looking

good with the beard. 

Love this photo of Sarah and her dad. 

Group photo of the family. 

Lets dance! 

Cheryl wishing you many happy years of wedded bliss with Chris. 

Love you! 

Stamping trails

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